Electric Car Service

Trust Auto Masters For Your Electric / Hybrid Car Service

Auto Masters can help maintain your Electric or Hybrid car with regular servicing by one of our highly qualified technicians.  Contact your local Auto Masters today for more information and a service quote.


  • Battery Inspections
  • Coolant System
  • Tyre Rotation & Care
  • Software Updates
  • Brakes & Fluids


  • Nissan Leaf Electric
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Hyundai Hybrid
  • Mitsubishi Hybrid
  • Ask Us About Your Electric / Hybrid Car.

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Electric Car Service FAQs

While there are fewer moving parts in your standard Electric Car, there are a few electric car service & maintenance items that must not be avoided. We recommend regular Battery System Maintenance, Coolant System Maintenance, Brake Care and Tire Rotation.

Hybrid cars are growing increasingly popular and the cost to maintain the car over time is comparable to a petrol car. As a part of your hybrid car’s engine is driven by fuel, many of the regular maintenance checks associated with petrol cars also apply to them. The hybrid battery should always be near the top of your car maintenance checklist too and make sure that you keep a decent charge in the battery and don’t let it drain out.

Auto Masters Certified Technicians are qualified to perform any service that your hybrid or electric vehicle may require. In addition to the more specialized high voltage systems services supported by our bespoke computer diagnostics, we provide a holistic vehicle care solution covering any other service or repair on other traditional components of your car including brakes, suspension.

One way to extend battery life is to avoid fully charging the battery. For example, to maximize battery life, Nissan recommends that Leaf owners charge the car’s battery to 80 percent.  You also should avoid leaving your vehicle for extended periods of time with zero or very little charge, since this can wear down the battery.