Toyota Car Service

Cars are our most common mode of transportation, so ensuring that yours is running efficiently and safely can prevent a lot of stress. If you’re looking for a Toyota car service, Auto Masters has everything needed to check your car for issues and repair it if necessary. We offer a wide range of services from minor to major, for all vehicle types.

Toyota Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Services 

When your vehicle isn’t performing at its best, driving it can become uncomfortable and even dangerous. We have the tools to properly diagnose and repair anything going on with your Toyota vehicle. We offer a wide range of maintenance services to ensure your vehicle gets you from one place to the next safely and comfortably. 

Car Air Conditioning 

To ensure your air conditioning is working correctly, we recommend servicing it every two years and running it year-round. We also offer car air conditioning regassing

Radiator & Cooling 

No one wants their car’s engine to overheat. We offer complete radiator and cooling services, including radiator repairs and replacements, radiator and cooling system service, and radiator flushes. 


Improperly working brakes make for a dangerous situation. Whether you’re checking the health of your brakes or needing repairs or replacements, we’re here to help. 

Engine Diagnostics 

Engine diagnostics are great tools to assess any issues your vehicle may have. Performing this allows us to detect any problems early, so they don’t become more significant problems. 

Exhaust & Mufflers 

If your muffler isn’t working correctly, you risk toxic fumes entering the cabin and your car not getting the best possible mileage. We can repair or replace this part quickly.

Fuel Injector 

This service will help remove any carbon deposits accumulated in the car’s fuel system to get it running like a new vehicle. 

High-Tech Tune-up 

Our high-tech tune-up service includes spark plugs and an engine diagnostic to detect any problems. 

Mechanic Repairs 

Are you in need of your transmission, clutch, or battery replaced? Our qualified Toyota service technicians can handle these mechanical repairs and more.

Why Choose Auto Masters for Your Toyota Service? 

At Auto Masters, we’re not here just to fix minor problems such as an oil change. While we’re more than capable of changing your vehicle’s oil, we offer a comprehensive list of services to suit everyone and their car needs.

Choose Auto Masters for your Toyota Servicing for:
Upfront fixed pricing

  • Mechanical repairs and battery replacement
  • We detect minor problems before they become bigger
  • Qualified and dedicated service technicians

Australia’s Top Rated Mechanic

From our beginnings over 30 years ago to currently having more than 60 locations throughout Australia, it’s no wonder people think of Auto Masters for quality car services. 

Searching for “Toyota car service near me”? Contact Auto Masters Today 

Whether you know something isn’t working properly with your vehicle or it’s time for a maintenance check, we’re here to help. If you’re searching for an auto shop that can service your Toyota vehicle, contact Auto Masters today. We have all the necessary tools and qualified staff to get your car up and running again, whether it’s a Corolla, LandCruiser, Yaris and every model in between.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toyota Servicing

How much does Toyota servicing cost? 

The Toyota price will be fixed due to our fixed price concept. When you bring your Toyota in for a standard service, we’ll let you know upfront how much it will cost, so you know what to expect. If you’re unsatisfied with the service provided, we offer a full money-back guarantee. 

What does Toyota’s service include?

When you get your car serviced, technicians will check several things. For standard service, technicians will change your car’s oil and oil filter. They’ll check that your brakes are working well, and you’ll receive a complete vehicle inspection report. 

How often should you service your Toyota car? 

We recommend having your Toyota serviced every six months. Servicing your vehicle twice a year may seem like a lot, but it can detect any issues early and help extend certain car parts’ lives. Checking that all your car components are operating well can ensure you stay safe while on the road.

What is Toyota’s capped price servicing? 

Toyota capped price servicing is an agreement that Toyota service your car at a capped price annually for the first three to five years you drive it. The number of years that you’ll have this capped service is dependent on the vehicle you own.

Can I take my Toyota to any dealership for service? 

You can take your Toyota car to any Toyota dealership for service from a Toyota mechanic. If you’re thinking about taking your Toyota to another vehicle dealership, they probably won’t service your vehicle because they won’t have the parts and equipment strictly for another brand.

Why do car dealerships charge so much for service? 

Prices tend to be higher at car dealerships compared to mechanics who service multiple vehicle brands. The higher prices are usually due to high overhead costs. Dealerships have more employees and a larger space. Therefore, they need to charge more than a smaller auto shop. Book your Toyota car service here now!