Hyundai Car Service

We know that your car is more than a vehicle. Cars assure our livelihoods, are a source of freedom, and connect loved ones who don’t live near us.  

Owning and operating a Hyundai is a high-tech and quality experience. Every model deserves the utmost care by technicians who understand what makes each piece of a Hyundai’s design special. That’s why our full range of Hyundai scheduled service and repairs are optimised to keep your car running smoothly.

From routine tune-ups to major repairs, it’s impossible to find our calibre of car servicing professionals anywhere else.

Hyundai Car Repair and Maintenance Services 

With Hyundai’s unbeatable ingenuity, you want the most reliable car professionals when it comes to the latest tech, safest crash prevention, and finest fuel efficiency. That’s where our highly trained staff step in to keep your Hyundai running as perfectly as the day you drove it off the lot. 

Car Air Conditioning 

Hyundai boasts improved dual zone climate control and venting mechanics that our own technicians are well qualified to calibrate.

Radiator and Cooling

With Hyundai’s high-performance radiator and cooling mechanisms in your possession, let the pros take care of replacements and checks.


Routine brake maintenance is the key to safety and longevity, so remember to get your brakes checked before there’s a problem.

Engine Diagnostics

Whether you greet a check engine light with apathy or anxiety, it’s a sign that your Hyundai needs a check-up. Book an appointment as soon as possible with Auto Masters.

Exhaust and Mufflers 

Keep fuel efficiency up and toxic exhaust out by scheduling a system inspection with one of our reliable technicians.

Fuel Injector

Give your fuel system a facelift by removing deposits. We guarantee a noticeable improvement in fuel economy and horsepower.

High-tech Tune-Up 

Like a guitar, your car is a finely crafted instrument. Take good care of it with a high-tech electronic tune-up at Auto Masters.

Mechanic Repairs 

Our proficient technicians can perform a complete range of services. From battery replacement to shock absorbers, we do it all.

Why Choose Auto Masters for Your Hyundai? 

Our top-of-the-line services, affordable pricing, and unbeatable warranty make us the premier choice for your scheduled service or repairs.

Included in our great service guarantee are a 102-point comprehensive safety report, free towing services, and free oil and water checks. We also believe that immediate car needs require immediate communication to keep you and your family safe.

With over 70 locations in Western Australia, Queensland, and South Australia, we’re available wherever the open road takes you. You won’t beat us when it comes to Hyundai service prices!

Australia’s Top Rated Mechanic

For even more peace of mind, we are highly rated by past and current customers for our friendliness and quality.

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Look no further! You’ve found the premier shop for your Hyundai servicing. 

With over 70 locations in WA, Queensland, and South Australia, we are always ready to assist any needs you and your Hyundai might need. To find your closest Auto Masters use our handy Locations Finder.

Whether it’s routine maintenance or something bigger, make sure to let us know what you’re looking for by filling out an enquiry form to book your Hyundai vehicle service now!

Some of the popular Hyundai models we service:

  • Accent
  • Elantra
  • Excel
  • Genesis
  • Getz
  • Grandeur
  • I20
  • i30
  • I40
  • I45
  • iLOAD
  • iMAX
  • Santa Fe
  • Sonata
  • Staria
  • Tucson
  • Veloster
  • Venue

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Hyundai car service cost? 

Hyundai vehicles are highly rated for their affordability and reliability. Annual costs average around $600 for scheduled maintenance. 

Does Hyundai offer free servicing? 

Starting with 2020 models, the Hyundai Complimentary Maintenance program is active for either 1 month or 1,500km (depending on which comes first). 

After that, they also offer a tiered Pre-Paid Servicing Plan that will cover a range of scheduled maintenance needs ahead of time.

Is Hyundai service expensive? 

While Hyundai services are more affordable than other car models, they can range tremendously depending on need. 

As with owning any vehicle, the cost will entirely depend on what you need to get done. Getting a single new tyre is going to be less expensive than replacing your transmission. You’ll need to budget for the repairs and maintenance that you’ll inevitably need.

What is included in Hyundai free service?

The three-year Complimentary Maintenance program covering 2020 models and newer covers filter and oil changes, as well as tyre rotation at regular intervals.

The middle to high-tier Pre-Paid Servicing Plans will cover more services, but by definition, cost more money.

Do Hyundai cars last long?

In short: Yes (with responsible maintenance). Hyundai’s are well known for their reliability and the quality of their parts.

When combined with a stellar warranty, the engineering and build make Hyundai’s a go-to choice for longevity, doubly so when regularly serviced.  

Is Hyundai better than Toyota? 

Subjectivity aside, Hyundai is the natural choice if you are looking for great features at an unbeatable price. While Toyota is often regarded as the most reliable brand they also offer a greater variety, including a line of utes and trucks, while Hyundai provides the best quality for the lowest price.

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