Honda Car Service

Without any debate, Honda is one of the top vehicle manufacturers across the globe. Models from this company have a smart look and include advanced technological features. There are millions of efficient and impressive vehicles from Honda on the road today. Besides vehicles, Honda also produces unique trucks, recreational vehicles, and more.

However, you need regular car service to keep your vehicle always riding smoothly. If you need a reliable and efficient Honda car service in Australia, look no further than Auto Masters. 

Honda Car Repair & Maintenance Services

At Auto Masters, we have decades of Honda auto repair services. So, you can easily select the repair or maintenance services needful for your vehicle. Whether you have a new car or second hand, our trained technicians are always available to provide long-lasting solutions to all automobile issues. Our Honda vehicle repair and maintenance services include the following:

Car Air Conditioning

The air con system is one of the most important accessories in your vehicle. When you discover that the system doesn’t cool your vehicle’s interior as it should, you can contact Auto Masters

Radiator and Cooling

It is normal for your Honda vehicle to produce heat while you drive. However, when it overheats, it means your radiator and cooling are damaged. Our expert auto mechanics are available to help replace the radiator.


Brakes need regular servicing. If you discover that your brake warning light is on or your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, it is time for a brake service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a Honda brake pads replacement service.

Engine Diagnostics

We are available to check up and fix any problems with your vehicle including engine diagnostics service.

Exhaust and Mufflers

We know you don’t want to drive your Honda on the road while it produces heavy noise. Our expert mechanics can help maintain mufflers and exhaust to reduce noise, emissions and enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Fuel Injector

A good fuel injector reduces your Honda’s petrol consumption. It also improves your vehicle’s performance. Much like your brakes, fuel filters need regular servicing.  If you visit the petrol station more than usual, you need to contact us for a fuel injector service.

High-tech Tune-Up

At Auto Masters, we offer quality high-tech tune-ups for your Honda vehicle. Our auto mechanics are highly skilled and reliable in restoring your engine performance, such as replacing the spark plugs, and other essential adjustments and we’ll use Honda genuine parts where needed.

Mechanic Repairs

Our highly trained technicians can perform a complete range of services. From battery replacement to shock absorbers, Auto Masters does it all.

Why Choose Auto Masters for Your Honda Vehicle Servicing?

An Auto Masters vehicle service will not void your manufacturers warranty. Many new car owners mistakenly think they’re locked into dealer servicing. You have real choice. For more than 30 years, Auto Masters has been a leading company in Australia for the repair, replacement, log book, and maintenance of automobiles.

With over 70 locations in Western Australia, Queensland, and South Australia, we’re available wherever the open road takes you. You won’t beat us when it comes to Honda car service prices!

Australia Top Rated Vehicle Mechanics

If you are searching for a reliable and top-notch auto mechanic in Australia for your Honda, look no further than Auto Masters for peace of mind and many years of happy motoring.

Searching for “Honda car service near me”?

Are you in Australia and in need of a major, minor or log book service? We are always available. We are located in WA Metro, WA Country, SA, and QLD.

Contact Auto Masters Today

If you are interested in any of our services described above, please call us today. Our in-person offices are available in Western, South Australia, and Queensland. You can book a convenient car service via phone 1300 288 662 or email.

You can be sure our customer service team will provide more information about our Honda offers irrespective of your contact time. We may be able to fit your car in at short notice, but it’s best to book ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Honda charge for service?

The amount to service your car at Honda depends on several factors. Some of these conditions include location, model, fuel type, and transmission type, as well as service time. 

Is Honda’s dealership service expensive?

A Honda service is a bit pricey. However, you can be sure that the repair, maintenance, or replacement service is of excellent quality. Besides, these vehicles’ spares are also durable and designed to last for years. 

If you are looking for a more affordable option than the dealership choose a local mechanic with fully trained technicians and insists on Honda genuine parts. 

Can cars be serviced at Honda?

Yes, you can service your car at Honda. As a renowned vehicle manufacturer, the company’s expert mechanics provide long-lasting solutions to your vehicle. Besides the dealership, you can also service your car at any auto service provider. Auto Masters is a reliable auto service provider in Australia.  

Are Honda service plans worth it?

Yes, Honda service plans are worthy of their price tags. Even though you might have to pay more to service your vehicle, the major price is having a smooth and safe ride on all roads. It would be better if you invest in Honda service plans that help your vehicle last longer than using a local mechanic that does not use Honda genuine parts. 

What is included in a Honda service?

Honda offers so many vehicle services. Some of these include:

  • Brake fluid
  • Transfer case fluid
  • Rear differential fluid
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Cabin air filter
  • Tyre rotation
  • Oil and filter

Some of the more popular Honda models we service:

  • CR-V
  • Civic
  • Accord & Accord Euro
  • HR-V
  • Jazz
  • City
  • Odyssey
  • NSX

Does Honda provide free maintenance?

Honda doesn’t offer free maintenance. However, it provides a budget-friendly payment plan with no interest. The company automatically removes monthly payments of your maintenance service from your credit card or transaction account.