European Car Service and Repair

Finding qualified mechanics who are capable of working on your luxury, European car can be challenging, especially outside of Europe. You also want to find a service with European car specialists that will take the best care of your specific make and model.

Here at Auto Masters, we’re able to fully service your car regardless of if it’s a minor repair or something more significant. We have the skills and the experience to offer European car servicing at a great price.

European Car Repair & Maintenance Services

There are several ways we need to monitor our cars, from basic oil changes to transmission repairs. Bringing your vehicle to a mechanic for regular services can help detect any issues before they cause a serious problem. European car servicing is highly specialised.

After all, if you ignore something, such as your check engine light, what may have started out as a small repair could cascade into something much larger and more expensive.

Car Air Conditioning

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting in your car on a hot day, only to discover your air conditioning isn’t working. Regular maintenance can prevent the air conditioning from breaking abruptly.

Radiator & Cooling

If your radiator isn’t functioning properly, the heat that your car produces can damage your engine and make driving unbearable. Having your radiator checked to make sure it’s working can ensure your engine doesn’t overheat.


We provide comprehensive brake services, from brake tests to total brake replacements, to keep your vehicle running safely. We also perform disc and drum brake services.

Engine Diagnostics

Has your check engine light come on in your car, but you can’t figure out why? Our skilled European car mechanics can perform an engine diagnostic on your vehicle to uncover the issue.

Exhaust & Mufflers

Putting off repairing your vehicle’s muffler isn’t something you want to do. The muffler is responsible for making sure toxic fumes don’t enter the car’s cabin and make you sick. We’ll check to make sure it’s working, and if it’s not, repair it.

Fuel Injector

Servicing your car’s fuel injector can make all the difference in your driving experience. We’ll clean out your fuel system, which will help your vehicle run smoother and produce less pollution.

High-tech Tune-Up

Our high-tech tune-up service includes a diagnostic check on your vehicle—even spark plugs and points if necessary. 

Mechanical Repairs

If there’s something more significant causing a problem with your car, our technicians can handle it. We’re capable of fixing engine issues, replacing batteries, and even handling transmission repairs or replacements on all European cars.

Bring Your Car to a European Car Specialist Near You

When your European car needs servicing, you want to bring it to a place you trust. Finding mechanics who specialise in European cars outside of Europe isn’t easy, but at Auto Masters, you’ll find them.

European Cars We Service

We service a range of luxury European cars at Auto Masters. Each car brand we see to has unique requirements, and we want to make sure we service them how they should be. While you need to get your car serviced at certain mileage or at a minimum once a year, there are nuances to each make. Call us if you have any questions about your vehicle’s log book servicing. Some of the more popular European brands include:


Your new Audi will need a service every 15,000 kilometres or 12 months, whichever occurs first.


If you drive a BMW, experts recommend an annual service check. Even if there aren’t any known issues, you should still check your engine and get your oil changed regularly. 

Mercedes Benz

Your Mercedes should see a service specialist every 16,000km. If you don’t drive often enough to hit 16,000km you should still make a service appointment once a year. 


Minis should be serviced every 19,000km or at least once a year if you only drive it here and there.


Volkswagens typically need to be serviced every 16,000km, like a Mercedes. However, for drivers who don’t drive 16,000km annually, once a year is sufficient.

Land Rover

Land Rovers are similar to other European cars. We recommend servicing them roughly every 16,000km.


Servicing your Porsche every 8,000 to 12,000km can help keep it in top condition, and our experts are trained to do just that.


Volvo has the same service recommendation as a Porsche: every 8,000 to 12,000km or at least once a year. 

Why Choose Auto Masters For Your Luxury European Car?

Choosing a mechanic to work on your luxury European car shouldn’t be a difficult decision. Auto Master’s qualified mechanics can help keep your luxury vehicle, well, luxurious. Our full range of services including major service, minor service and log book service ensures you don’t need to take your car to multiple auto shops for different repairs and maintenance. Book with Auto Masters for European car servicing you can trust. There’s a chance your local Auto Masters is a family owned business. This means great service, guaranteed. We service European family and performance vehicles.

  • We expertly service many European car brands
  • The price we quote you is the price you pay. No surprises
  • Free oil and water checks

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